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Today, there are approximately 1,100 family veal farmers, primarily located in six states- Indiana, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Most veal farms are small family farms, and the average veal farm has 250 calves. Veal farmers contribute more than $700 million each year to the U.S. economy.

Animal care is a top priority on veal farms. Veal farmers provide excellent care for their animals so they can ensure safe, wholesome, high-quality products for consumers—and for their own families. Veal farmers are also committed to protecting the environment and preserving the land and air for future generations. In addition, the farmers are active in their local communities.

Below are some resources that may help provide deeper insight into today's veal farming.

Ethical Standards and Code of Conduct for Veal Farmers
America’s veal farmers recognize that both their consumers expect them to use farming practices that reflect an obligation to producing safe food in a responsible manner. Veal farmers adhere to a strict set of Ethical Standards and Code of Conduct, which was designed to help foster more confidence in veal farming and provide a better understanding of the principles that guide veal farmers.
Ethical Standards and Code of Conduct for the US Veal Industry  (31kB)

Veal Quality Information Kit
The following informational materials offer an excellent introduction to U.S. veal farming. The comprehensive series of six backgrounders cover a range of topics, such as the Veal Quality Assurance Program and animal health products.
A Commitment to Quality  (31 kB) 
The Use of Animal Health Care Products in Veal Calves  (160 kB) 
Producing A Special Product  (30 kB)
Safety Through Science  (31 kB)
Facts About the Care and Feeding of Calves  (31 kB)

Learn More About Veal Activity Booklet
An exciting educational tool for elementary students, this activity book is filled with crosswords, mazes, word finds and word scrambles to help teach young people about veal farming.
Veal Activity Booklet  (583 kb)

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